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You have reached the federally-required section of our website that contains the charges for the services we provide within our facility. While we provide this information to comply with federal regulations, healthcare billing is complex. It is extremely important for you, as the consumer, to understand that standard charges may not be a relevant starting point for estimating what costs you may incur during an episode of care, and the amount actually paid by a patient will depend on that patient’s insurance coverage, policy provisions and other factors. Everyone’s case is different based on that patient’s medical condition. Please contact the hospital directly for more information regarding your specific financial responsibility.

Please contact us directly for more information regarding your specific financial responsibility at 806.687.7777

Lubbock Heart Hospital Transparency – Standard Charges

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Lubbock Heart & Surgical Hospital offers a world class surgical experience in a convenient location. At our facility, you will find some of the finest, most respected physicians and staff in the region. Lubbock Heart & Surgical Hospital is a modern facility and you won’t have to worry about a complicated maze of hospital buildings or parking hassles.


Lubbock Heart & Surgical Hospital offers a Hospitalist Program which provides care to patients from admission to discharge. Specializing in the management of hospitalized patients, our Hospitalists focus on a patient’s hospital treatment by becoming their main coordinator of care.

Hours of Operation:
24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

Contact Information:
4810 North Loop 289
Lubbock, TX 79416
To learn more, please call (806) 741-8619