Craig Bean


Never have I had more caring and compassionate people take care of me and my family than during my experience at Lubbock Heart & Surgical Hospital. It was so obvious doctors, nurses and staff weren’t nice because it was their job. It was because they TRULY cared. Even a janitor stopped to wish me well as I was headed in for my procedure. Surgery – especially open heart – is a scary thing. Yet I was surrounded by guardian angels. After my tremendous experience in 2014 with open heart surgery; it was easy to choose Lubbock Heart & Surgical again for shoulder surgery; and again – my care was comparable to staying in a 5-Star Hotel. Everyone is dedicated and supportive to what they say and do. I feel better now than I have in years, thanks to the care I received at Lubbock Heart & Surgical Hospital.

Jeff English


I can’t speak well enough about Lubbock Heart and Surgical Hospital. Their compassion and concern is unparalleled; and I know from experience. This was my second open heart surgery – but my first time to have it at Lubbock Heart. I truly had the best level of cardiac care at Lubbock Heart that I have ever received anywhere, even down in Houston. The cardiac nursing staff makes the experience. They were amazing. Beyond that; pain management was great and rehabilitation was phenomenal and the level of doctor and surgeon personal involvement was great. After open heart surgery, it’s tough to get up and going; but the rehab folks know exactly how to balance a patient’s psychological state with their physical need to get up and moving so that recovery can happen in the appropriate manner. I can honestly say I feel better than I have in a decade.

Darlene Wilbanks


Lubbock Heart Hospital is so great; and I’d recommend it to anyone. For me, it was wonderful to have all information and expectations ahead of my total knee replacement. Because of their “Boot Camp” program, I was informed ahead of my surgery on exactly what to expect. After surgery I entered the program, and it allowed me to be well ahead of the game by the time I returned home to continue my rehabilitation and ultimate recovery. Trust me, when I first heard, “Boot Camp,” I wasn’t sure it was for me! But I learned so much and owe it to the program to allay my initial fears and help me recover quicker. I also owe a huge thanks to my surgeon, Dr. Mark Scioli; for it is truly because of God and Dr. Scioli that I take a step today.